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The Fastest Odor Eliminator Bag

n'Odor™ is the amazingly fast air purifier and odor eliminator that delivers lasting relief from any strong and irritating lingering odors.

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The Last Odor Absorber You'll Need

Have pets? n'Odor™ is perfect for ridding your home of their less-than-pleasant smells — fighting back the fullest of litter boxes and wettest of dogs.

Keep your home and car smelling clean and fresh at all times by wiping out offensive odors entirely instead of trying to mask them with other perfumed scents.

Cigarette smoke, old shoes, potent fridge, diaper bins, gym bags, or that closet that you never want to open — n'Odor™ bags can wipe out the toughest of them. Finally, sweet stench-less relief!

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n'Odor is Faster Than Bamboo

If you've looked at other air purifier bags, you've probably seen the words "activated charcoal" or "activated carbon" at some point. Virtually every other air purifying bag is made of bamboo, usually produced in China. These tend to work pretty well, but "well" isn't good enough.

Unlike all the others, n'Odor™ uses the highest-quality bio-carbon — lab tested and proven to eliminate odors 4-5 times faster than bamboo carbon. "Those odors never even saw it coming!"

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Safe And Natural Odor Eliminator

n'Odor’s carbon is the only USDA Certified carbon used in an Organic purifier bag on the market. Breathe easy knowing you have the superior odor eliminator and air purifier. It's also 100% biodegradable and completely non-toxic (See articles in our FAQ section).
And n'Odor doesn't just get rid of foul odors; it filters pollutants and allergens out of the air you're breathing. It even excels at absorbing moisture from the air, reducing the risk of mildew and mold. Peace of mind never smelled so clean.

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Home Grown and Made in the USA

Unlike all bamboo charcoal bags on the market, our product is made in the USA. Carbon from bamboo is grown in China, and the bags are often assembled there before being shipped here.
The specific type of wood grown to make the carbon for n’Odor is strictly produced in the US. We assemble all the bags and packaging ourselves. We support small businesses by sourcing all of our cloth bag production to locally owned and operated contractors.

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n'Odor is for businesses too!

Feel free to reach out to us directly for any discounts or bulk order requests. We can also custom design a solution for your business.

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